Ok I might sound like a crazy person writing this, but hear me out. Read it and take from it what you like.  After 27 years I've come to the realisation that we're all a little schizophrenic. Everyone of us has 2 voices, the voice of the mind, or 'inner critic' and the voice of our body. A usually quiet but loving voice that tries to take care of you.
Whát, my body has a voice!? Yes. The human body is cleverly designed by Mother Nature and it'll always try to take care of itself. Have you ever argued in your own head before doing something that maybe isn't good for you? Or did your body stopped functioning properly at certain times out of protest? Have you ever heard your inner voice say 'I need to rest now', 'I want water' or 'It'll be ok, trust me'? Then you've probably experienced what I'm trying to write down and understand. I had never heard my bodies' voice, until it began to scream. When it started to get sick and the necessity of taking better care of it was rising. Now I hear it loud and clear, I just need to learn not to ignore it. Do you?

To keep it simple, I'm keeping intuition out of the picture as I see this as a voice entering your body. Not as your own voice that's already there. To me, intuition is tapping into the source of Mother Nature, into a certain 'knowing'. Mother Nature has a powerful energy that has existed for ages and it guides us all and sends messages to those who wish to hear. But that's another story..

My whole life I've lived with the voice of my mind at the steering wheel, dragging my body along in the passenger seat. It 'had to' do what my mind wanted for a long time. When my mind thought it was time to rest, I rested, not when my body told me to. When my mind thought it was time to eat, I ate. Even when my body told me I wasn't hungry, I devoured that cookie. You see where I'm going? I'm learning more and more now that it's a symbiosis between the two voices. Constantly switching seats. When you've let your mind at the steering wheel for a few hours, switch seats. This is how you stay balanced and keep both satisfied and healthy.

This morning my mind was guiding me, doing small chores and checking off some to do's. Halfway I noticed my body wasn't all too happy with it, so I went outside for a walk, sat down on a bench and asked myself 'How am I feeling?' Another voice came up and the answer was 'tired'. Suddenly I felt my body and the need to rest. Your body is talking to you, are you listening?

I think that most people live their lives guided by their mind, which seems totally normal. Our body doesn't have a say in anything, until it starts to malfunction. Then we start to listen to what it needs.
I'm now trying to listen to what my body wants and needs every day, in order to heal. Not letting my mind take over the entire day and fill in what I think I need, instead of really listening. But through this realisation I'm learning to make room for the voice of my body. Now I have entire conversations and discussions in my head whether something's good for me or not. Should I take a walk? Should I go to sleep? I want to eat this piece of chocolate, how are you feeling about that body?

Switch seats during the day and listen to both voices. Don't play favourites ;) Your mind wants to get creative? Let's go! After this, do something for and with your body. Check in. Get active and do some yoga, tai chi, dancing, boxing or take a hike in the park. Does it need water, sleep or vitamins? It's a constant conversation. Please take good care of it, it's your only real home in this world. Your instrument to love, feel, create, enjoy and be free (she said to herself).

Love and light,