The holidays are officialy over and life goes back to normal, but in a new year! So happy it's ok to leave the Christmas tree for a few days though. It felt good to focus on family, friends and cosyness for a few weeks! Been wearing a lot of 'comfycosy' clothes too. During Christmas we've had so much good food, my stomach literally needed a break after that. The first day we've been with my family and the other day with the boyfriends folks. This means: travelling across the country. New years at our place was great, the view from our appartment was spectacular! And of course the Jip&Janneke champagne was there according tradition. Hope your holidays were lovely as well! Now there are just a few days of rest ahead and then everything's back in business! Ready to make 2016 a productive, healthy and lovely year! Cheers!

Yay, christmas tree!