We've been in Stockholm for a few days now. We cannot get enough of all the Swedish design and wished we could bring it all home to decorate our new apartment with. But, we both only have 1 suitcase and there's a limit to its weight. There are also a lót of stylish Swedish ladies, with oversized coats, simple silhouettes and soft color palettes. It almost makes me want to wear color. I said almost... The food is very good here! We've had great tapas the other day and yesterday we stumbled upon K25, a foodhall where we ate the most creative sushi we've seen. Oh, and did I mention the chai lattes are the best I've ever had? 

Today we're going to a spa. I've been looking forward to this, as the city is very crowded and after a few days I need to get away from that to relax. I'll blog a full visual diary of Stockholm when I get back!