Models: Zhongwei Zheng + Michelle Pennings

After a few days of selecting and editing the pictures, the EARTH collection is now officially online! As you've probably read in the previous post, this will be the last 'themed' collection. In September I will be starting a new AVADEM project, but that's all still very early and new. That makes the EARTH collection all the more special to me. Collection EARTH was an experiment on ecological fashion. Trying out if - and how - AVADEM could be more 'green'. Plus, I had so much fun dying all the fabrics with natural dyes like coffee, cutch and I even tried out onions, spinach and beet. My studio smelled like a supermarket and my hands were ever coloured, good times.

We shot the lookbook in my studio this time. I did the photography, styling, hair and make-up. Ok, that partially made me feel like I needed a couple more hands - but - it also comforts me that I can do it all my way. Creative freedom, what a bliss. The models were amazing, they knew the AVADEM style (they also walked my show during FashionClash) ánd they thought it was funny to stand on a pile of dirt. Models to my heart. You can find all pictures under 'EDITORIALS'.