This time we had our own space at Swan Market, which was really cool, literally. We set up a big tent to create some shade because the temperature was hót that day. It was the 'hottest' Swan Market ever. No wonder Swan Market also included ice cream, waterballoon-fights and handed out sun protection this time.

Because we could create our own space, we had 4 clothing racks to stroll through and hung up some wooden branches with accessories. We were quite proud of our stall and really happy to be sitting in the shade, unlike others. We found out last time that our designs make a great mix together and the compliments of the visitors were a delight. Some visitors recognized us from previous times and bought the items again for their friends and family because they were so happy with them. We like, we love! Ideas of selling online together in one shop are on our minds. But for now, you can shop our designs here, here and here.