Pictures by Xmoments and Team Peter Stigter

What a day! FashionClash Maastricht 2013 was amazing. I had my first fashionshow here with AVADEM and the new collection 'Immersion'. 

The models were sweet and there's a great team behind the event. This year was FashionClash's 5-year anniversary, so the event was even bigger. But everything was organized to the minute. It was fun, exciting and last minute stressfull. Our models had to change outfits from different designers so quick that my 2 friends and I were still dressing them when the show had already started ( - panic! ).

But the backstage moment with my 2 supporting friends was priceless. The greatest compliment came from the team backstage, they had goosebumps during the show. The music, the choreography, everything came together. I'm really grateful for everything. A big thanks to everyone who helped and supported us!